What's new in January 2017

Series and Parallel Circuits - 20 Interactive Puzzles

The latest addition to our bank of electricity interactives is a set of 20 highly engaging puzzles featuring configurable electrical circuits.

The interactive puzzles, progressing systematically from easy to difficult, are carefully crafted to help students gain a thorough understanding of series and parallel circuits through analytical thinking and problem-solving. Each puzzle features a specific electrical circuit comprising a battery, one or more resistors in series or parallel, with ammeters and voltmeters connected appropriately. For each question, some input and output (target) values are generated randomly, while the remaining values are intentionally undisclosed.

Using Ohm's law, the equations and attributes of series and parallel circuits, and simple algebra, users have to analyze the given circuit and determine the resistors to be connected in the circuit in order to solve the given problem correctly.

NGSS: Physical Sciences MS-PS2-3: Ask questions about data to determine the factors that affect the strength of electric and magnetic forces.
HS-PS2-5: Plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence that an electric current can produce a magnetic field and that a changing magnetic field can produce an electric current.

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