to present at TechBUZZ. A premier event organized by Mid Atlantic Venture Association.

Washington D.C. (October 19, 2016) – As part of Mid Atlantic Venture Association's (MAVA) ongoing commitment to foster seed and early-stage company growth, was selected from a range of industry sectors to be showcased on stage at the final installment of MAVA’s year-long TechBUZZ program for 2016. Since the program was launched in 2011, TechBUZZ presenting companies have received more than $550M in aggregate disclosed funding, with many more investments and acquisitions made under undisclosed terms.

The TechBUZZ Fall program will provide an unparalleled opportunity for along with the selected companies to share their company launch and fund-raising pitch, in a four-minute format, along with their demo with an audience of hundreds of business leaders, fellow innovators, experienced company-builders, corporate strategic partners, potential acquirers and active investors.

The event was held on November 2nd at the National Geographic Grosvenor Auditorium in downtown Washington, DC.

“By consistently presenting promising, fundable and market-ready business start-ups, TechBUZZ provides a uniquely independent platform and one of the most recognized of its kind in the country, attracting both promising tech and tech-enable companies, along with investors and collaborators who follow companies that have earned one of the coveted spots on the program to present at TechBUZZ,” said Julia Spicer, Executive Director, MAVA. “In addition to hitting the radars of potential investors, selected companies benefit from increased visibility and industry interest which helps to secure new customers, hire talent and garner important market mind-share.”

Featured TechBUZZ presenting companies were selected because of their innovative technology, approach to a commerce or enterprise problem, or perhaps a new twist to a market maker’s approach, making TechBUZZ a nationally watched platform by industry and investors, from seed to later stage interests. Collectively the presenting companies provide a representative showing of industry start-ups and businesses being launched across a broad range of sectors including software, EdTech, ecommerce, cyber, and many others.

Presenting companies were selected from a highly competitive pool of diverse startups by a review committee of more than 20 MAVA member investors and business advisors. The Review and Selection Committee for the TechBUZZ Fall edition was co-chaired by Mourad Yesayan, Principal, Paladin Capital Group and Arjun Aggarwal, Associate, NEA.

Companies presenting at TechBUZZ reflect the strength of the East Coast as the birthplace of game-changing innovations. The companies on stage for this edition of TechBUZZ represent startup communities across Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Massachusetts and Washington, DC.

About MAVA
For 30 years, MAVA has served the full community of innovators, companies, corporate partners, private capital, suppliers, and key advisors needed to build successful businesses from start-up to exit. From venture to private equity, angel to growth equity, and family office to strategic corporates, MAVA brings together the full spectrum of capital and key resources necessary to accelerate the growth of companies across industry sectors and stages of development. MAVA provides a wide range of programs designed to stimulate revenue and company growth, create efficiencies for conducting business, facilitate quality deal flow, encourage collaboration and foster relationships among entrepreneurs, corporate decision makers, investors, strategic partners and customers.

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